Sparklers Centre Of Excellence

'An inclusive, friendly community where everyone is valued and made to feel at home. Every child Matters. '

Sparklers Centre Of Excellence

'A place where people Aspire, Flourish and Soar. '

Sparklers Centre Of Excellence

'Preparing our children and young people with the necessary skills and knowledge for a good quality of life. '

Sparklers Centre of Excellence

'An effective, specialised Autism-friendly curriculum, specific to meeting the needs of learners in our Autism Specialist centres '

Sparklers Centre Of Excellence

'Personalised and learner-centred provision aimed at the holistic development of the whole child. '

Sparklers Centre Of Excellence

'Passionate about career development and work-related skills from childhood to adulthood. '

Sparklers Centre of Excellence

'Working in partnership with parents, healthcare services and other professionals to support our learners. '

Sparklers Centre of Excellence

'Exclusive, relevant and up-to-date training and cutting-edge resources for professionals and families. '

Sparklers Centre of Excellence

'Exclusive, relevant and up-to-date training and cutting-edge resources for professionals and families. '

Our Sparklers Centre of Excellence is open for Early Years, Primary and Secondary learners!!! Contact us for assessment and admission.

Welcome to Sparklers Centre of Excellence Ghana

About Us

We are an inclusive setting providing education, assessments, diagnosis of Special Educational Needs (SEN), Therapy and Clinical services for individuals with SEN. We meet needs with a team of effective professionals and a comprehensive, holistic curriculum which meets the needs of students while preparing them for adulthood.

Our Services

  • We offer a bespoke educational curriculum for all students using a combination of the most relevant and beneficial aspects of schemes of work from Ghana and England in a Ghanaian cultural context.
  • Children and young people of all abilities are welcome. We provide home schoolong education packs, holiday school sessions and holiday clubs for children and young people with learning and physical disabilities, diagnosed and undiagnosed. This includes neurotypical children, severe learning disability, moderate learning disability and students on any point of the Autistic Spectrum.
  • We run Accredited Sparklers Centre of Excellence courses in collaboration with local and foreign universities and colleges. These are career development courses for professionals, graduates and trainee students for education and healthcare services.
  •  Our Assessment and Referral system supports families with diagnoses and signposting.
  • We provide Therapeutic interventions such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Arts therapy, Physiotherapy and talking therapy.
  • We offer Counselling and support sessions for families and siblings.
  • Relevant work experience opportunities are made available to our students, trainees, staff and interested members of the public.
  • We support schools to reframe their curricula and create resources, making them inclusive. We also help centres and organisations to set up and create nurturing environments for children and individuals with additional needs.

Our Provision

  • Inclusive Education for all
  •  Holiday Clubs and Events
  •  Diagnosis and Intervention
  • Therapeutic Input
  • Nursery and Infant Services
  • Primary Services
  • Secondary Services
  • College & Vocational Level Services
  • Respite Provision

Our Approaches

  • TEACCH Autism Program for the development of independence (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children)
  • Makaton Symbols and signing (A communication program for individuals with communication difficulties)
  • PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display communication system, a way of organising whole-word and symbol vocabulary in a communication book or device)
  • Zones of Regulation (A concept to foster self-regulation and emotional control)

'As a mother of two children with Autism, I understand the challenges involved. Sparklers is therefore committed to providing an outstanding service to beneficiaries and clients.'

Harriet Awuah Agbenowu

The Curriculum

  • Formal Subject specific curriculum (Maths, English, Science, Work Experience, Life Skills, Humanities, ICT/Computing, Religious Education, Accreditations)
  • Semi-formal Curriculum (Portage, play based Learning, Independence, Communication, Problem solving etc.)
  • Outdoor Learning (Physical Education (PE), Forest School, John Muir Award)
  • Awards and Initiatives (Eco Schools, Healthy Schools, PSHE Quality Mark Initiatives)
  • The Hidden Curriculum – We promote learning and development using every given opportunity

Therapeutic interventions

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Arts, Drama and Music Therapy
  • One to one sessions
  • Group therapy sessions

Research Projects and Publications

Our current research project is on exploring what makes an inclusive curriculum in Special Needs schools. This research is examining good practice in Special schools in Ghana and England.

We will be happy to hear from you if you are interested in participating in our current research project or future research projects. Do contact us.

Research 1: Understanding the Factors that affect University Completion for Autistic People (Science Direct)
This study uniquely examines why autistic people often drop out of university, find transition to university difficult, feel a lack of belonging and struggle to study.

Research 2: A Discussion on the Transitioning Experience of Post 16 Leavers in a Special Needs Setting:Challenges and Considerations (Middlesex University Research)
This study explores some challenges faced by individuals with autism in their transition to adulthood and some strategies to make the process smoother.

Research 3: 'Reality on the Ground': A Sparklers Foundation Ghana Perspective (MyStory Magazine)
This Study shares and discusses some challenges being faced by some families managing Special needs and disabilities in Ghana. 

Article 4: The unexpected Journey of a Thousand Miles (MyStory Magazine 5th Edition Pages 14 &15)

A publication sharing the founder's story as well as the birth and aspirations of Sparklers Foundation


"It’s really good to know that children and young people with learning difficulties can learn and learn skills for work"


"Thank you for the opportunity to bring my child out into the community for such an event. It helps to know that I’m not alone in this struggle…"


"The learning resources are very suitable and appropriate to the age group. We will be able to support their learning better at home too."


"He loves arts and drawing…these resources will help him explore this further :) I’m very grateful."


"It’s really lovely for my daughter to be able to choose a toy she genuinely likes instead of having a random package. She’ll definitely be playing with this a lot more at home."


"We will like to know more about how to support our children at home and help them have access to education. We look forward to more family events and workshops with you. "


"The medical support from Doctor and her team has been fantastic! We feel genuinely cared for when we come here."


"The stigma can be very difficult to live with. I usually keep him indoors at home. Coming here for this family event is a blessing."

Sister Akos

"It is quite emotional to be part of a community which cares."


"Thanks, you for the work you do in our community with disabled individuals and their families"


 Jobs And Volunteering Roles at Sparklers

  • Executive Head of Foundation
  • Head of School
  • Deputy Head of School
  • Head of Clinical Services
  • Personal Assistant to Executive Head
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • SEND Teacher
  • Speech Therapist
  • Therapy Assistant
  • Psychologist
  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Learning Support Assistant
  • Cook
  • Driver
  • Site Manager
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Volunteer
  • Domestic Team
  • Residential Care worker
  • Data Manager
  • Human Resources Person
  • Receptionist
  • Maintenance Team
  • Work Experience Co-ordinator

Meet the Team

Dr Mrs Edna Asamoah-Agyare – Medical Doctor & Head of Clinical Services

Mr John Sakyi – Graduate Lead Teacher

Mr Richard Agbenowu – Biomedical Scientist

Mrs Betty Kimble Agbodzi – Work Experience Co-ordinator

Mrs Linda Owusu – Head of Business Services

Mr Ebenezer Awuah – Head of Finance


Making the world a better place for individuals and families with Special Needs and Disability through compassionate support and Education.


  • Providing safe and nurturing environments
  • Personalised Education
  • Family and Community support
  • Partnering to bridge gaps


  • Confidential, excellent and respectful service.
  • United teams for targetted results.
  • Empowering clients and beneficiaries.
  • Aspiring to improve lives daily
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