‘We would have made the wrong decision without your timely information. Thank you very much’

- (LJ) - Chobham, Surrey

‘Our family enjoys having the children together in a safe space where they can be themselves and play without questioning looks’.

- (AO) - Sandhurst, Bracknell

‘Why didn’t anyone share any of this information with us before? You have been very helpful’.

- (TS )- Deepcut, Surrey

‘‘At least we all have each other and help each other out when there’s a need’.

- (JF) - Farnborough, Rushmoore

‘Thank you for all the educative information on our platform’.

- (AS) - Aldershot, Hampshire

‘Thanks for the NAS information sheets emailed to us’. This may be the beginning of an educative revolution for some of our families managing Autism’.

- (DE) - Dr EA Ghana

‘We just wanna see the best for kids. The first seven years shapes a person’s life so the intervention is much needed for children with Special needs.’

- (JA) - Queens, Australia

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely morning. You made us all feel so welcome.

The presents were amazing. There was so much to do in a safe and welcoming environment for our children. Thank you once again!'

- (SA) - Woking, Surrey

“Fantastic sessions.”

- (LF) - Hampshire

“Really relaxed.”

- (MD) - Camberley, Surrey

“Plenty to do, relaxed atmosphere.”

- (EA) - Camberley, Surrey

“Great fun had, T was relaxed and really enjoyed it.”

- (SW) - Lightwater, Surrey

“Generous and fun sessions.”

- (CH) - Woking, Surrey

“Parents and children had fun and were excited to receive their presents.”

- (AM) - Frimley, Surrey

“Welcoming, enjoyable, lovely place to come.”

- (LW) - Knaphill, Surrey

“Very grateful for opportunity to see Santa safely with whole family.”

- (SO) - Woking, Surrey

“Welcoming, relaxed environment for F to play and be himself.”

- (NW) - Mychette, Surrey

“My whole family enjoys the sessions.”

- (CO) - Farnborough, Rushmoore

“We just want to see the best for the children in general. The information and opportunities you provide help us to achieve this.”

- (JV) - Queensland, Australia

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